Taiwan Little Eats

Taiwan Little Eats

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We feature bubble tea imported from Taiwan for a genuine, traditional taste. We also offer a tasty selection of small bites inspired by southern Taiwan’s night markets.

Founded in 2017.

Almost 18 years ago, two Taiwanese boys would meet at the gate of their middle school to look for food. Their pockets were always nearly empty, so they could not afford bento boxes or fried chicken for lunch, only braised pork and rice. Taiwan Little Eats’ goal is to bring Taiwanese hospitality and traditional cuisine to this corner of the world, so these two old friends hope they can bring their memories of southern Taiwanese street food to life in Wisconsin. The tea leaves we use are authentic Taiwanese, imported directly from the island when you drink our bubble tea. In addition to sourcing locally, we season our produce to transport you directly into the bustling aisles of a night market, taking you back to another time and place. Taiwan Little Eats on State Street opens its new storefront in downtown Madison, near the State Capitol and the UW Madison campus. Come in anytime for a refreshing drink, a snack, or a filling meal.