Solarise Tube Skylights

Solarise Tube Skylights

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You’re tired of living in the dark? You’re tired of having your lights on during the day, so you’re at the right place. Sun Glo Tubular Skylights are one of the unique solar tubes Solarise has created for its customers. This unique solar tube uses a reflective tube to bring light into your home. Yet it does not look like a skylight, but rather a nice, low-profile light fixture. It has a small and compact appearance and provides great light quantity and quality. When you choose Solarise and the Sun Glo Daylighting System, you get pure white natural light. Solarise Inc. takes pride in using the most technologically advanced products on the market as well as using the best design. But we don’t stop there. We use Sun Glo, a product designed to last with a 50 year warranty. Unlike most products that only offer plastic components and a 10-year warranty. Sun Glo only uses high quality, all metal components.

Founded in 2003.

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