Pizza Hut – Restaurant

Pizza Hut - Restaurant

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We serve classics like Meat Lovers® and Original Stuffed Crust®, as well as signature wings, pastas and desserts at many of our locations in Lakeland, FL. You can try, but you can’t OutPizza the Hut. Our mobile app lets you order online or for takeout, curbside, or delivery.

Founded in 1958.

A pizza restaurant in Wichita, Kansas was opened in 1958 by two brothers with $600 borrowed from their mother. They named it Pizza Hut because their sign could only fit eight letters. The restaurant soon grew, why? Because the pizza was great, the service was excellent, and we treated everyone like family. Having been serving pizza since 1958, we continue to deliver the same food and service today. Having known the farmers who grown the ingredients, and knowing they cared about quality, the Carney brothers were able to promise their customers the best pizza in town from the beginning. We have since grown right alongside our farmers, and our ingredients are still our top priority. No one loves pizza more than Pizza Hut. That’s why we call ourselves Pizza Hut, and we will always be that way.