Oudom Thai & Sushi

Oudom Thai & Sushi

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Oudom Thai & Sushi’s recipes are authentic and have been passed down from generation to generation. We prepare all of our dishes fresh and to order. We do not freeze or order premade products. You won’t be disappointed with our food. Don’t worry about how spicy our dishes are. You can choose the level of spiciness you want, from very spicy to nothing at all. With our sushi menu, you can choose from a variety of specialty rolls as well as classic rolls, like the California roll and spicy tuna roll. Don’t forget to complement your meal with hot sake, cold Singha beer, or wine. Beverages, wines, sakes, specialty teas, we have it all! Enjoy authentic Thai cuisine at Oudom Thai & Sushi today!

Founded in 2004.

Our restaurant has been open since 2004; we are a small, family-owned business with an excellent reputation. Our goal is to satisfy our customers and it is our priority to keep our business running smoothly.