Mr and Mrs Crab

Mr and Mrs Crab

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A wide range of juicy seafood is available at Mr. and Mrs. Crab, including shrimp, oysters, blue crab, snow crab, crawfish, clams, mussels, and Dungeness crab. We charge for each item based on the weight. After the crabs are weighed, they are mixed with the restaurant’s famous sauce and served in steam bags. Instead of using knives and forks, hands are used directly. On request, gloves, bibs, and other “tools” will be provided. A flavorful taste lingers in your mouth after you eat Mr. and Mrs. Crab seafood!

Founded in 2019.

Mr and Mrs Crab’s hand-held seafood combines traditional Chinese Szechuan spicy flavor with American country taste to create a unique taste. The flavors have gotten rave reviews. This unique way of eating seafood allows customers to relax and enjoy themselves without having to adhere to traditional table manners. To preserve the flavors of the seafood, Mr and Mrs Crab uses plastic steam bags to serve it. This method is straightforward and rustic, but can make customers feel hearty and satisfied when they leave the restaurant. No matter if you dine alone, with two people, or in a group, you can always expect to eat heartily and never waste food. As well as booths and semi-isolated tables, the restaurant offers a large dining hall suitable for parties.