London Plumbing & Remodeling

London Plumbing & Remodeling

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The upkeep of your home or office requires a lot of expertise, so you need an expert to help you with tasks you are not familiar with. So, you need London Plumbing & Remodeling, based in Pine Grove, CA. Stuart is one of the best plumbers in the area, handling everything from clogged drains to broken pipes. He’s also a licensed contractor, so you can count on him for your bathroom remodel. When you have problems with your pipes, water heater, or other plumbing fixtures, you shouldn’t attempt to fix them on your own unless you have experience as a plumber. When problems arise, Stuart London is there to fix them. Whether you need service at home or at work, he can handle just about any task. Aside from basic plumbing services, such as clogged drain repair, he also installs and repairs water lines for kitchen appliances, assesses mold problems, replaces water pressure regulators, and provides other services. In addition to being a plumber, Stuart London also specializes in drywall, decks, termite damage, dry rot, and a wide variety of similar repair needs. The testimonials from past clients speak for themselves. In an era where you have to find a new contractor for every single new service, he’s a true handyman.

Founded in 2009.

The business was started by Stuart as a Handyman doing small jobs for people. In order to maintain his reputation for quality, workmanship, and contacting people again and again, Stuart tested and earned a General Contractor’s License and a Plumbing License after 4 years in the trades.