Grafted Whiskey & Wine Bar

Grafted Whiskey & Wine Bar

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We offer an extensive menu of whiskeys and wines at Grafted, so we can cater to every taste. Relax and share stories while you discover new favorites in whiskey and wine. With our signature cocktails and fresh, delicious shared plates, you can pair your newest finds with fresh, delicious shared plates.

Founded in 2021.

The metaphor of grafting is one we have long admired as a symbol of our family and the richness we experience when we are brought together. In isolation, branches wither, but together they grow and flourish and stand tall as one single beautiful tree. It is important for us to give you the opportunity to let go of your worries and truly lose yourself in the moment when you’re here. Grafted brings people together and in a way that they can truly enjoy life. The smell of freshly made food fills the air, the sounds of clinking glasses and laughter fill the air, and the flavors dance around your tongue as you celebrate life with those you love. The only thing we enjoy more than to make people feel seen, special, and cared for is to serve them in a way that is unlike anyone else. Join us for an experience designed to help you connect and create meaningful connections built upon great drink, great food, and friendship.