Ganh Pho

Ganh Pho

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Served with bean sprouts, chilli peppers, basil and limes, and a plate of bean sprouts, chili peppers, onions, and cilantro.

Founded in 2020.

PHO GANH PHO was popularized and developed in the early 20th century because of a combination of historical and cultural factors. Due to French demand, beef became more available, which in turn resulted in beef bones being purchased by Chinese workers to make a dish that resembled Pho known as “ngu nhục phấn”. Workers from Yunnan and Guangdong were initially in the greatest need for this dish, as they found affinity with it because of its similarities to the food they had grown up with at home. In turn, this dish became widely popular and familiar to everyone. Street vendors originally sold pho at dawn and dusk by shouldering mobile kitchens on carrying poles (Gánh Phở). Two wooden cabinets hung from the pole, one housing a cauldron and the other storing noodles, spices, cookware, as well as space for making Pho. There were always men toting the heavy gánh.