Asian Fusion Bistro

Asian Fusion Bistro

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Our restaurant offers the best Indian food (owner’s guarantee) in the Milwaukee metro area, the best Thai food, and the best sushi rolls to compliment all of this.

Founded in 2012.

Since 1996, this is the only Thai restaurant in Waukesha county that serves Thai food, a branch of Chiang Mai Thai that was founded in downtown Waukesha. In 2001, Chiang Mai Thai restaurant moved to Barker and Bluemound in Downtown Waukesha and then again in 2009 to Brookfield and Bluemound where it continues to operate. The menu has expanded to include Indo-Chinese cuisine as well. After 17 years of this business, the chef from 1996 still oversees everything that comes out, and it still tastes as good as it always has.