Aire Ancient Baths – New York

Aire Ancient Baths - New York

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We can see how ancient civilizations made public baths an art for our senses at Aire Ancient Baths, an oasis of calm that drinks from history. Guests were invited to experience the thermal baths of ancient Greeks and Romans the night before any banquet. Several hot and cold pools can be found in the thermal experience, as well as a steam room with aromatherapy, a jet pool, and flotation, which consists of a saltwater pool with a density of dead sea salt, and a relaxation area where hot marble stones can be used to relax. If you would like, you can enhance the experience with a massage (15,30,45, or 60 minutes) or a four-handed massage (45 or 60 minutes). Moreover, Aire provides rituals that last for three and a half hours and include private soaks in red wine, milk, citrus, etc. Among the more indulgent massages are wax massages with hot candle wax, olive oil massages, grape seed massages, etc.